Sequential Compression Boots

Full Function Chiropractic is excited to offer sequential compression boot (SCB) therapy to the Williamsport area.  During a SCB session, the individual relaxes comfortably while wearing a pair of fabric “boots” that extend from the ankles to the hips.  Controlled by a programmed remote, the boots begin to fill with air, working from ankle to hip.  This distal to proximal sequence is designed to mimic the body’s natural venous and lymphatic flow, all while providing a gentle massage to the supporting muscles.

 A recent study, in the Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, found that sequential compression boots provided immediate pain relief from prolonged exercise-induced delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) that was comparable to massage.


Who might benefit from sequential compression boots:

> Professional, collegiate, and highschool athletes looking to recover faster

> Triathletes, marathoners, cyclists, etc.

> Weekend warriors or those just getting back into exercise

> Individuals who stand for extended hours at work

> Individuals experiencing restless leg syndrome

And many more…

1 Session
  • 20 Minutes
10 Sessions
  • (Saves $50)